Clem'n Tina's

The family-friendly fruit.

Clem 'N Tina's are the one fruit enjoyed by the entire family. Kids crave these California Clementines and Mandarins because they're sweet, tasty and easy to peel. Parents love them because they're neat, nutritious and hold up well in the lunch bag. If you're not stocking Clem 'N Tina's, you're missing out on some of the highest profit potential in the fruit category!

There's a name for fruit this appealing.
(Actually, two names.)

"Clem" and "Tina" sound like a fun couple, but when it comes to profitability, they're all business. That's because Clem 'N Tina's sweet California Clementines and Mandarins (depending on the season) represent one of the fastest-growing and most profitable segments of the fruit category. They're the perfect solution for health-conscious parents who want their kids to eat more fruit, but don't want to deal with the mess, the preparation or the fragility associated with other fruits. No wonder Clem 'N Tina's are so popular! Cash in on their popularity – work with SunWest Fruit Company to create a powerful program based on the many benefits of Clem 'N Tina's, including:

A product of vertically integrated farming practices.

Most fruits come to you from a variety of growers, making it impossible to manage quality and ensure consistency. But Clem 'N Tina's all come from a single grower – SunWest Fruit Company – allowing for complete control of cultural practices and fruit quality.

Vertically integrated farming practices are just the beginning. Clem 'N Tina's are also the result of careful varietal selection, as only the highest quality, sweetest varieties of Clementines and Mandarins are grown for this popular brand.

SunWest Fruit Company won't harvest a single piece of fruit for Clem 'N Tina's until it meets very specific criteria for brix levels, color and peelability. If it's not sweet enough, colorful enough or easy enough to peel, it's not ready for Clem 'N Tina's. Additionally, SunWest uses innovative netting and orchard isolation practices to ensure a virtually seedless product.

Just as important, Clem 'N Tina's fruit is grown with sustainable farming practices, including the most advanced management of irrigation, chemical application and soil, air and water quality. All of which makes Clem 'N Tina's not only family- friendly, but environmentally-friendly as well!

Safe & traceable, all season long

Clem 'N Tina's are available November through April, and throughout the season are 100% traceable back to the orchard. That's because SunWest Fruit Company is an SQF Certified operation – the highest food safety certification standard.

Varieties and Harvest Dates

Packaged to please.

With the beaming faces of "Clem" and "Tina" on every package, these delightful fruits are being promoted in a way that enhances their fun, playful, family-friendly image. Add the fact that the Clem 'N Tina's brand name is a registered trademark of SunWest Fruit Company, and it's easy to see the seamless, season-long branding of the uniquely profitable Clementine/Mandarin category.

Clem 'N Tina's are available in the popular 5 lb. bag-in-a-box, as well as 2 lb., 3 lb. and 5 lb. display bags and 2 lb., 3 lb. and 5 lb. value bags. Bulk product is also available.

Quality, safety and responsibility you can trust.

Clem 'N Tina's are a product of Sunwest Fruit Company, a leader in California agriculture for over 50 years, with a rock-solid commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As a privately-owned, vertically-integrated farming operation, SunWest is able to control all aspects of production, ensuring strict quality control and unmatched consistency from the tree to the produce aisle. Our Mandarins are computer graded, washed, waxed, hand-packed and inspected twice to ensure optimum quality. SunWest is SQF Certified, the highest food safety rating available. We continue to experience year-to-year growth to meet the growing demand, while minimizing our impact on the environment through respectable, responsible farming practices. It all adds up to make SunWest Fruit Company an industry leader you can trust for unparalleled quality, bite after bite, fruit after fruit.