SunWest provides strict quality control at every step, resulting in high quality fruit that is always safe and delicious.

Optimal ripeness guaranteed – SunWest operates the most advanced “conditioning” rooms in the industry, allowing us to control fruit temperature so that each piece arrives at your grocer’s ideal level of ripeness. Selecting great fruit has never been easier!

Packaged with care - Since all of our orchards are within 15 minutes of the SunWest packing facility, our fruit doesn’t have the damage or bruising common with long travel times. SunWest has invested in soft-fill bagging equipment that allows more of our fruit to remain undamaged during packing, and gives you the best possible eating experience! Quick transit and careful handling give you a difference you’ll see and taste!

Everybody likes choices - We pack our fruit in several types of containers to maintain quality and to give a range of options in how you purchase SunWest fruit. From bulk bags to individual pieces, there’s the perfect option for every need.

Quality you can trust - We are certified by third party food safety auditors and our employees are fully trained to handle our fruit according to strict guidelines. Customers are the heart of our business and providing safe, quality fruit is our commitment to them and their families.