Here, you'll learn how to select fruit that truly satisfies!

Selecting California Tree Fruit

California Plums

If you're buying fruit to eat the same day, it's best to look for fruit that is soft, gives to gentle palm pressure and has a sweet aroma.

The best indicator of high-quality fruit is color. When buying peaches and nectarines, you should look for a deep yellow background color on yellow varieties or a creamy white background on white flesh varieties. The amount of red blush varies by variety and is not an indication of ripeness or quality.

When buying plums, you should look for a slight "give" when the fruit is squeezed along with a fragrant plum aroma. Plums come in a wide range of colors that vary by variety, so a little "give" and a good smell are better indicators of ripeness than color alone.

Remember, quality does not depend on softness. Go ahead and buy firm peaches, plums and nectarines-they will ripen to juicy perfection at home.

Selecting California Citrus Fruit

California Oranges

The two most familiar California citrus products are navel and mandarin oranges. SunWest Fruit Company also offers other specialty varieties with a sweet, tangy flavor and juicy texture that make California citrus so popular.

Selecting Oranges - Look for oranges with a heavy weight, glossy exterior and appetizing aroma. As a rule, the rind should never feel puffy. Also avoid oranges that show spotting, shriveling or white patches on the rind.

Storing Oranges - Most oranges remain fresh stored at room temperature for three or four days. If you don't plan to eat your oranges immediately, refrigerate them in the crisper drawer and they should keep well for one to two weeks.